Checklist for Moving
1.. Send change of address to the Post Office, including a forwarding address.
2.. Notify your insurance company and arrange for transfers if moving out of the covered region.
3.. Contact utility companies for start-up or cancellation of service and request refunds of deposits: gas, electricity, water, telephone.
4.. Take care of paying people who deliver directly to the home, such as the paper carrier.
5.. Ask your child’s school for school records or to transfer those records to the new school.
6.. Ask appropriate agencies for referrals and transfers of medical, dental, and prescription histories.
7.. Check with your veterinarian for suggestions on moving your pet and don’t forget to order their pet meds.
8.. On moving day, carry traveler’s checks for convenience. Also carry currency, jewelry, and documents yourself, or send them by registered mail. Double check closets and shelves to be sure everything has been moved. Let friends or relatives know route and schedule. Don’t forget to leave old keys behind for new tenants.
9.. Check with finance regarding the amount allotted for travel expenses. Driving expenses often exceed the reimbursable amount. Plan accordingly.
10.. The Standard Installation Topic Exchange offers up-to-date information on military bases around the world. Most newcomers concerns may be addressed by this information system, which may be viewed at the Airman and Family Readiness Center. Newcomers with Internet access may view SITES at:
Upon arrival, new personnel should contact their sponsor or unit orderly room for their initial sign-in. If arriving after duty hours contact the billeting office and sign-in the following duty day at the orderly room.
When signing in to the unit orderly room, personnel should bring their Permanent Change of Station package. Unit orderly rooms schedule all newly arrived personnel for the required one-stop base in-processing briefing.
One-stop in-processing -
At this briefing you will:
Complete paperwork for military pay in- processing and travel voucher filing
Hear from the Postal Service Center and, if residing in the dormitories, receive a post-office box
Hear from the Airman and Family Readiness Center
Hear from the 96th Medical Group
Hear from Finance
Traffic Management Office
Phone: 882-3537
If expecting a shipment of personal property, call JPPSO-SAT (Joint Personal Property Shipping Office, San Antonio, TX) at DSN: 954-4200 or COMM: 210-321-4200 to arrange for delivery of your property. Issues with damaged property are handled directly with the carrier. Should you need further assistance in settling your claim, proceed to the Base Legal Office.
TMO is no longer the office of primary responsibility for replacement or repair claims. The Traffic Management Office can be contacted at COMM: 850-882-8331 or
DSN: 872-8331 and is located in Building 613 with walk-in business hours of 0800-1500 Monday-Friday.
Important phone numbers:
In-processing – 882-3537, Out-processing – 882-8331.
Emergency Phone Numbers
The 911 emergency system is used on Eglin and in local communities for fire, rescue and police services. Dialing 911 from an on-base phone connects to base emergency
services: the 96th Security Forces Squadron and the base fire department. Dialing 911 from an off-base residence connects to local civilian emergency services.
U.S. Postal Service
Phone: 882-3548
While assigned to Eglin, personnel receive mail at their home address in family housing or off-base. Dormitory residents receive mail at lock boxes in the dormitories.
When first arriving, personnel should report to the post office, Building 10, to notify them of a current address.
For general delivery prior to arrival: pick up is between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. Monday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Saturday.

Address: General Delivery
307 W. Van Matre Ave., #5000
Eglin AFB, FL 32542
Government Phones
Local area code: 850
Dialing DSN prefix: 872-xxxx
DSN: 94 + 7 digit number
On-base numbers: 2-xxxx, 3-xxxx
(Hurlburt Field: 4-xxxx)

Off-base numbers: 99 + 7 digit number
Long distance: 98 + 10 digit number

Official long distance calls should be made only when DSN or toll-free (800) lines are not available.
Vehicle Registration
Phone: 882-2742
The 96th Security Forces Squadron no longer issues vehicle decals. Vehicle operators are still required to properly register their vehicles and show their identification card prior to entering Eglin Air Force Base. Laws now require motorists to have a legal driver’s license issued by a state, proof of vehicle ownership/state registration, evidence of insurance, and safety and emissions inspections. A national
vehicle registration system is used by all
civilian and military police departments in the country. Security forces and gate guards now check the ID of each person entering an Air Force installation. Guests must be sponsored on base by an individual

with a Department of Defense ID card. Passes can be obtained at either the West or East Gate. Motorcycles and mopeds can also be registered at the gates. Operators of these types of vehicles must wear helmets, proper safety gear and attend a safety course.

Temporary registration can be obtained prior to the safety course. Registration is complete after attending the class. The driving speed limit on Eglin is 25 mph unless otherwise posted.
Temporary registration can be obtained prior to the safety course. Registration is complete after attending the class. The driving speed limit on Eglin is 25 mph unless otherwise posted.
ID Cards
Phone: 882-2742
The military personnel flight customer service office in Building 210 room 134 administers identification cards, also called smart cards or CAC cards. The telephone number is 882-3442. Military members must present a military image in accordance with Air Force Instruction
36-2903, Dress and Personal Appearance of Air Force Personnel, although a uniform isn’t required. Department of Defense civilians, dependents and retirees need to go to MPF to get an ID card before going to Pass and Registration. Customers can make an appointment by visiting
Weapon Registration
Phone: 882-5009
Personnel residing in base dormitories or temporary lodging facilities must register any privately owned firearm within
72 hours of arrival (dormitory and TLF residents must store their weapons in the security forces armory). Call the armory at 882-5009 to register firearms.
There are two nearby airports.
Okaloosa Regional Airport is on State Road 85, on Eglin.
Pensacola Airport is on Airport Road in
Pensacola, about 60 miles from Eglin.
Registering Children for School
At the school present proof of birthday and immunization against polio, diphtheria, measles, rubella, peruses, tetanus and mumps.
Florida law requires physical examinations for all students entering the school system for the first time, regardless of grade. The 96th Medical Group is conducting school and sports physicals Monday through Thursday afternoons throughout the summer. For more information, call 883-8600.
Any child five years old by Sept. 1 is eligible for public kindergarten. Children may enter first grade if they are six years old by September 1 and have completed a kindergarten program. Children must complete kindergarten, either public or private, before being admitted to first grade.
For details on provision for admission, contact an elementary school or write to the appropriate county superintendent’s office.